Nano Talon weight test

Have been testing the ZOHD Nano Talon slope soaring without the prop. We did a weight test yesterday. At a flight weight of 590 grams it flew just fine slope soaring in about 25knots of wind. This was 70 grams heavier than the flight weight with the 1500mAh 4S and the FPV gear. (Runcam eagle rpo 2, BEC, eachine ATX03) which clocked in at 520grams.

Releasing designs and mill files.


Still waiting on parts to make the EPP moulding machine. It will probably be some time away before I can mould these wings.
In the meantime I have put the original designs in this torrent file.

They include the 3D model with the foil sections and twist angles. The 3D’s of the plane and packaging are organised into 1200 * 600 * 50mm EPS sheets ready to mill.

I have also included the .tap mill files to work with a Mach3 controller in mm. There is a text file at the top of the mill folder with the details of what tools to use when and how to go about it. I had not intended it to be released to the public, so if it’s a bit confusing then let me know and I’ll try clean it up to be more machinist friendly.



Final adjustments to Gemot V3.

Some minor adjustments with the tape. Hence the coverage of the graphics. Using the ‘Bear’ brand red cloth duct tape from Bunnings worked perfectly as it’s ultra sticky and durable. It’s available in several different colours.

Testing Gemot V2.5 in stronger wind.

Testing the wing out in slightly stronger wind. Shouldn’t really be a problem. The lift to drag ration seems to remain about the same in the 10-40kt range. Didn’t run the calcs on anything more as yet. Either way it’s proving that V3 should work well. With the variation in the spanwise shape it modified the elevons to the point that the insides were not as per design (foil distortion) and it made a noticeable difference, but this will also be fixed in V3.

Storage box for Gemot V3.

One thing I find about existing hobby equipment is that often the shipping packages don’t really work as repetitive use storage boxes. Here I am working on making a shipping / storage box which will be both these things. The kit will come in 5 pieces, but once you start flying it you’ll probably leave the wingtips attached. Thus this storage box will allow the plane to be broken into 3 and stored with the box entirely closed. It will also be stackable so that a modest amount of load could be put on top of the box.

Talking about useful boxes. The Turnigy i10 transmitter comes in a fairly sturdy box. It’s still cardboard, but it’s coated with quite a strong plastic paper and the inside is a rugged polyethylene, which does not deteriorate. Polyethylene would be my choice, but the issue with shipping Gemot is keeping the entire package under 1kg. This is to keep the shipping costs available to WingFocus reasonable at this point in time.