Testing the weight shifter.

Just tested the weight shifter at skenners. Flew perfectly … in a straight line. Flight weight 836g. Too much lift on these wings. Also the lift goes all the way to the tips rather than being laterally centralised. Thus the weight shift makes bugger all difference in this wing.Using 50mm thick foam sheets as wings is great as you don’t have to laminate them, but then they’re heavy, cause way more lift and require more power, torque, mass movement to drive rhem.

Mass shifter attempt 3

Attempt 2 was quickly cannobalised by attempt 3. Rather than trying to figure out a complete answrr to the universe by thinking about it, just start building.And by just building this the possibility of fore and aft mass shift becomea more apparent.This time the weight shift is only port and starboard. AOA set by a trailing wing.

Back to it.

It’s been a while without flying, but a recent revival of enthusiasm has put Gemot back in the sky. 30knots or so at Lennox about a week ago. Awesone flying. Then of course a throng of overconfidence about low passes caused a meeting with the ground cracking the top laminate on the starboard wing and a snapped servo horn on the flap.

Some repairs this morning and we’ll be back in the air in the coming days.

Gemot Yellow
Repairs for a snspped wing.

Nano Talon weight test

Have been testing the ZOHD Nano Talon slope soaring without the prop. We did a weight test yesterday. At a flight weight of 590 grams it flew just fine slope soaring in about 25knots of wind. This was 70 grams heavier than the flight weight with the 1500mAh 4S and the FPV gear. (Runcam eagle rpo 2, BEC, eachine ATX03) which clocked in at 520grams.

Gemot 3D printed.

My friend managed to 3D print a mini model of Gemot. It came out quite well considering it’s so small, although it wont fly as the material it’s made of is too dense.

The start of a new blog.

Yes, well I finally got around to creating this blog for FoilDB.com. I will be bringing the relevant blog posts over from 7xrobotics.com soon. Rather than write another blogging system, I thought I’d just use WordPress. It’s worked fairly well in the past.