Dion Patelis

Dion Patelis

Dion has been flying remote controlled slope soarers since early 2016. The Gemot flying wing has actually been under development in the back of Dions mind since about 1993 when he become interested in windsurfing sail and fin design. At the time he had many questions about how and why windsurfing sails and fins worked. After many frustrating questioning sessions with people who seemed like they should know, he finally tracked down a sail and fin designer whom handed him a couple of books on hydrodynamics and aerodynamics and said “Read those and then come back to me.”

After a couple of months of reading those books and some guidance from the sail designer, he had realised that sails, fins and wings are all closely related. The main difference being that one faces up, the other down and the other sideways. Hence his interest in flying started.

Later he worked with the same sail designer helping build and test prototype windsurfing sails. Much experience was gained. Later Dion built a very basic paper flying wing at university for a project explaining aerodynamic principles. Finally he started flying remote control slope soarers with a friend and started building his own slope soarers.

Now after many prototype builds, Gemot V3 has become a production model. At the moment the Gemot flying wing kit is CNC milled which is rather time consuming. Currently Dion is working on building a process to make moulded flying wings.

B.Eng Elec in Industrial Computer Systems Engineering and Power Engineering. (Automation Engineer),
MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer),
A+ Certified Computer Technician.